4 & 5

4.- Draw a selfie


5.- Name three things you like about yourself


Handwritten Post
1: Write your URL in some writing that you thought were super cool when you were younger. Eg, bubble letters, digital clock letters, letters with lots of embellishments, or letters with smiley faces in them.
2: Write a list of all the countries or states you’ve been to. Write a comment on each of them. Or some, if you can’t be bothered.
3: List your top three statistical Tumblr crushes and draw their icons.
4: Draw a selfie.
5: Name three things you like about yourself.
6: Do you like the climate you live in? What do you like about it or what would you change?
7: What is your current mood? Write and/or draw.
8: Can you tie a bow-tie? A regular tie? If yes, how and when did you learn?
9: Pick something from your immediate surroundings and tell the story behind the item.
10: The last time you noticed you’d put a piece of clothing on incorrectly, i.e. backwards/inside out/etc?
11: What is a typical breakfast for you?
12: How do you take your favorite coffee? Eg strong or weak? Black or with cream/milk and/or sugar/sweetener? Filter, espresso, French press or instant? Hot or iced? Regular or decaf? None of the above?
13: Describe your favorite food. Who makes it?
14: List 5 movies that you love.
15: What is a wanky memory from Tumblr that still makes you blush?
16: What brought you to Tumblr?
17: Have you had any real Tumblr crushes? If you want to keep your mystery, answer with a drawing.
18: Do you prefer to text or call your friends?
19: Write an autograph version of your URL.
20: Pick up the nearest printed material in your first language and copy out a random paragraph.


First trailer for the “A Choice with no Regrets” OVA, to be bundled in two parts (DVD format) and released with SnK manga volumes 15 + 16 (December 2014/March 2015)!


Another Meme Thing

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Gasdgsadfd Sorry ;_; This is… not very interesting, actually ahahaaaa

Name: Alexandra (?)
Nickname: Nana, people on the SnKBB chat call me Mama Erwin :’D… sometimes…
Birthday: June 9th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Maybe
Height: 170 cms (5’6 I think?)
Time Zone: UTC-06:00
What time and date is it there: September 09, 12:00PM
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-7 ish
OTP: I have a lot of OTPs, like five per fandom. Please don’t get me started on this! 
The last thing I googled was: Woodkid i love you (best song EVER in the history of humankindbkjfgblajkbh)
My most used phrase(s): “I have no idea”, “It seems to me that won’t be possible”, and a bunch of random things that are mostly inside jokes.
First word that comes to mind: No
What I last said to a family member: “Bye, ma.” When my mom left this morning.
One place that makes me happy & why: My room, because I feel safe in here and it’s also the place where I spend most of my time.
How many blankets I sleep under: Depends on the weather, but I am almost always cold so… at least one.
Favourite beverage: I don’t have a favorite beverage..? Ah, Yakult?
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy!!! :’D I loved it to bits~
Three things I can’t live without: Oxygen, water, nutrients (?) Pftt, no, umh.. my dogs, music, sushi from that stall right outside my school.
A piece of advice for all my followers: They are not the one, even if you’re sure they are, they are not. Trust me.

Annnnd idk who to tag that hasn’t been tagged already *doesn’t want to be a bother*… uh..  undrpantsgnome… if you want to do it and you haven’t done it yet, of course ;u;






A few tips everybody should consider. I’ve experienced all those and some more. I’m not good at english but I hope you get it. Go and support some artists out there and let them draw you nice shit. Not as nice as FairyNekoDesu but still will be cool so give them a chance and you’ll be surprised.


All of these things.

Especially the deadline. If you don’t have a deadline thats way in advanced it’s not gonna get done by then. I am almost always taking on a ton of projects at once and sometimes need a break from it to: work on stuff for me, work on stuff for friends, search for jobs, be the work slave of parents, actually relax and try to relief stress, technical difficulties, researching on how to do stuff, ect.

Sometimes it’s done in a day. Sometimes it’s done literally a year later. But I always update the people I work with so they know I haven’t forgotten.

Do NOT rush your commissioner. Let them work at their pace and it will be worth it. Rushing them insures a rush job which will very likely make the quality decline.

All this is true. Also, ref sheets are the most important thing ever. I can’t stress that enough. They make the job A LOT easier (instead of having to compare 10 different pics between each other and see that everything fits, you just look at 1!!)  If you plan in commissioning your character a lot, or even if its not yours (like from an anime or something) Either commission one or look for ref sheets of the show (because there are!).

Also i strongly suggest not using Instant Messaging. Information can be lost pretty easily there and it’s hard to come back to it. Use emails instead. The info stays there, and it’s easy to search for it. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the descriptions, so if either the client or artist made a mistake, you can see the email threads and see who’s right straight away.

also pushy clients LOVE instant messaging. Pls no.

All of this ^

Oh god yes this.

Do you plan on updating your fic "Mikasa, I'm with child"? I really like it and I'm just wondering :)

Thank you! I’m really glad you like it!

YES eventually.

The next chapter is almost ready, I think it’ll be up before the end of the month. Hopefully.

-hides under a rock in shame- Sorry that it’s taken me so long to update!

15 Things That Make Me Happy

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1.- Getting tagged on stuff.
2.- Taking a nap after a tiring morning.
3.- Finding an amazing fic that makes me cry with joy and/or pain (?)
4.- My pets demanding my attention (in a cute way, not like the little monsters they are).
5.- Orange Chicken. Orange chicken makes me incredibly happy.
6.- Holidays.
7.- Finding out that people enjoy something that I’ve written/drawn.
8.- When people share with me how proud and excited they feel about something they’ve done.
9.- Rainy days.
10.- Sour+spicy candy.
11.- Sudden bursts of inspiration.
12.- Having a good hair day.
13.- Finishing a project after having been working on it for a very long time.
14.- Going out with my friends.
15.- Being able to speak English. Sometimes I think about all the amazing people that I would’ve never met and all the awesome things that I would’ve missed and I just feel so grateful and happy that I managed to learn English.

;u; yay! I’m tagging the-absence-of-eternity, ieatkitcat and vanhelsing019. IF you want to do it and you haven’t done it before.. 


Okay… I’ll stop now. Ahahaha.

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